KNIPEX Cobra pliers

Our Review of Knipex product (Cobra pliers). KNIPEX pliers are fantastic for gripping all sorts of objects, however the jaws do bit into some metals. It actually only took me about a month to use this tools before I was sold on them. In that time I really got to know these pliers. In my opinion, they're quality made, useful tools. I have a number of these type of multi grip style of pliers however, I hate using them as they slip and are hard to use one handed under a car in the dirt when you are covered in all sorts and using one hand to hold the part and the other the pliers. I tend to throw them back in the tool box and get something else. Knipex on the other hand (pun intended) has a one handed locking operation which is very cool. If you're in the market for a good set of pliers, I would definitely check out what KNIPEX has to offer.

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