Swanson Speed Square

A speed square is a cheap measuring multi tool. This is a common fabricators tool. It combines a ruler, a Try square, a protractor, a line-scribing tool and an angle guide for marking out accurate 90° and 45° cuts by hand. A speed square’s main uses are as a Tri square, for quickly measuring a line perpendicular to the edge of your material, if you work off a Fab bench like us it’s a quick way to make sure you are at 90 or 45 to the bench or as a Mitre square, for accurately marking 45° angles. There is a wide edge so it will stand on the bench by its self and rule making on all other sides for measuring. While we us clamp down heavy-duty squares for most of our fab work, these are a great cheap quick reference tool.

We currently have 2 steel and 2 aluminum Speed Squares in our workshop.

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