Cleco Temporary Fasteners Rivets Pins (40) Pliers and 5 Sheet Metal Edge Clamps

A Cleco is one of the most amazing sheet metal fabrication tools you will ever find, is a temporary fastener developed by the CP Tool Company. which is widely used in the Fabrication and repair of aluminum-skinned Race cars, it is used to temporarily fasten sheets of material together, or to hold parts such as stiffeners, frames etc together, before they are permanently joined. Cleco's are installed in holes drilled through the workpieces (usually holes intended for permanent fasteners installed later). They expand on the far side of the workpieces and then draw and clamp them together while maintaining the desired alignment and preventing distortion of the pieces. Cleco's should fit snugly in their holes to prevent shifting of the workpieces and maintain the alignment of fastener holes which do not have Cleco's in them. They are blind fasteners; so they can be installed in assemblies where the worker does not have access to the other side. If permanent fasteners are installed in Cleco holes, a Cleco will be removed when its hole is needed. If the workpieces are bonded or welded, then the Cleco holes may need to be filled later. Click Here for More Information


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