14 Circuit Universal Wiring Harness for a Buggy, Muscle Car, Hot Rod, Street Rod or anything you want to rewire. This is a quality grade wiring harness great for fiberglass dune buggies.  Using Relays and fuses.  This is a complete Bumper to Bumper wire kit, it will have more than enough wire for your project. The kit has circuits for A/C, Ignition/Battery, Gauges, Brake switch, Flasher, Headlight, Wiper, Ignition, Battery/Hazard, Ignition On, ACC 1, Heater and, ACC 2, Fusible Link and, Butt Connectors. The kit also includes 2 GM headlight plugs and all the fuses and other parts shown. It also features a thick coating over the copper wire. The gauge of the wiring ranges from 10 gauge to 18 gauge depending on what the wire is for. This complete wiring harness is perfect for almost any car or truck project. It includes detailed diagram. It is Great for most Buggies, Street Cars and Race cars alike. These can be modified to your requirement if need be for a small extra cost.

14 Circuit wiring harness

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