This is a full system installed to your Vehicle ( some conditions apply). This System is the ideal for managing charging from multiple sources. It’s designed for managing solar + alternator power inputs Both 12 or 24V, charging an auxiliary 12v battery system. The system will preference solar, providing lower loads on your engine when solar is available. With automatic ignition detection enabled, the system will isolate the starting battery when the engine is off, preventing discharge of your critical starting bat-tery. It’s fully automatic, with a set-and-forget type operation. A remote LED indicator module is included to provide in-car feedback of the system’s status. All Cabling and Terminals are Heavy duty and comes with a N70zz battery (Mounting extra depending on vehilce). However the system works with Lead acid, AGM, Calcium and GEL batteries and accepts solar input of up to 30V open circuit voltage. Auxiliary 12v suppy is from a 120a Anderson plug

- 120W high performance monocrystalline solar panel

- Automatic starter battery isolation

- Over Temperature Protection

- Low voltage Cut Off

- Output Over Charging Current Protection

- Output Over Voltage cut Off

- Input Over Voltage Protection

- Input Under Voltage and Input/ Output Reverse Polarity Protection

- Alternator charging is turn on at 26.4 volts and off at 25.4 (or on a 12v alternator on 13.2 and off 12.7)

- 20A max charging current (automatically controlled)

- 120A Anderson plug used widely in both domestic and industry, you'll find this connector in many 4WD applications, boating, automotive and other industries.

Rated Output Power: 13.8VDC @ 20A
Efficiency: ≥90%
DC Input Voltage Range: 9 - 16VDC (12VDC Input) / 18 - 32VDC (24VDC Input)
Max. Solar Panel Open Circuit Voltage: 30VDC
Output (Charge) Voltage based on suppied battery is 14.4V (Absorption), 13.5V (Float)


- Maximum power (Pmax): 120W 
- System Output Voltage: 12V
- Open circuit voltage (Voc): 21.7V
- Short circuit current (Isc): 7.08A
- Voltage at max power (Vmp): 17.6V
- Current at max power (Imp): 6.8A
- Termination: MC4 Plug
- Cable length: 900mm
 -Dimensions: 1179×664×35mm 

24v and solar 20A DC/DC Multi-Stage Battery Charging system

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