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Todd Keller came up with a two-piece design to eliminate the need for a flimsy snap ring. And the Mega Ball Joint maximizes everything for sky-high strength. So when you upgrade to our Can-Am Maverick X3 Keller Ball Joints, you get the biggest housings and toughest studs around. They’re for Racers willing to do anything to get the strongest machines in the industry.

Keller’s Mega Ball Joints Are the Industry’s Toughest
There’s no comparing a Mega Keller Ball Joint to an OEM ball joint. First of all, the housings are made much bigger to make room for the massive ball and stud—they’re the biggest you can get. They’re made even tougher thanks to the super-tough tool steel housings and advanced chromoly studs. They’re so big that you have to modify your A-arms to fit them. If you need a ball joint you can count on to get you through anything no matter what, Keller’s Mega Ball Joints are what you need.
This is a set of 4 , however these can be sold each

Keller’s Mega Ball Joints for racing Can-am Mav X3. Set of 4

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