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his boot was originally designed for our 8693020 Porsche 930 axle boot flanges, however people have stretched it over the 3-3/8" flanges for Porsche 934 and 935. Use a 60mm to 85mm clamp for Porsche 930. Use a 70mm to 100mm clamp for Porsche 934.

Porsche 930 Note: On our chromoly single boot flanges we offer them with two different flange lip heights. 3/8" or 1/2". The above axle boot when used on 930 is used with a 3/8" tall flange lip. If you use the wrong boot with the wrong flange the axle boot will constantly peel off of the flange no matter how tight you make the clamp. The axle boot flanges are sold separately and the correct flanges are listed below.

Porsche 930, 934 Or 935 Small Rubber CV Axle Boot

SKU: EM86-9301
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