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Front Link Pin, Rear All - Skin Packed, sold as a pair

Part Number: 17-2819-2

Adjustable coil-assisted shocks allow you to set your suspension to fit your needs. Available in Standard or Extended Length, and your choice of All-Chrome or Chrome Spring over Black shock. Supplied with spanner tool. Coil Diameter is 2 1/4" O.D. Fits Sedans Only.


Important information, Please note this is not the recommened way to lift you Buggy or Bug, we sell these as they are very popular in the off road steet buggy industry, however coil springs and torsion bars work in different ways. so we do not sell these for road use. Also they should not be used as the only suspension source. They are designed to assist the shock in conjunction with torsion bars / leaves.


Note* Does not include tool however these are available, and shock may be different to the ones in the photos

VW bug adjustable coil-assisted shocks (Pair)

SKU: 17-2819-2
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