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Have you noticed that there are tons of sites reviewing products these days? However not many specialise in Off Road Parts and Tools. This is why We have put together this page on our site for reviews of Product we use in our workshop, on our cars or out at the track. We will do our best to show you the best products not only the things we sell but anything that we find that is useful in what we do. As for content, we will aim for at least one item per week and if you want us to review a product you are looking at buying please let us know.

Note: none of the products listed here are item we sell, they are just tools we use in our workshop. Some Items are from an affiliated  link. How this works is if you buy any of these item we get a small percentage from the affiliated company is given to us for directing you to them. It doesn’t cost you any extra for this some of the time the products are discounted because they are affiliated. All proceeds of this go directly to sponsorship of Off Road Motor sport. If you wish to buy from us please use the Click for Shop link in the tool bar above. Thank You.


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