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4 pin Deutsch Connctor set. can be used with a Standard Crimpping tool (no special Deutsch tool required)


High quality Waterproof 2-way "Deutsch" connectors commonly used in automotive or marine applications. Perfect for connecting up sensors/lights in the engine bay due to their superior corrosion protection and waterproof properties. Supplied as a male & female connector set with housings, wedges, seals and crimp pins.
These are strong, weatherproof, shakeproof, and just plain tough. Suitable for 20-14AWG cable, they’re ideal for automotive, marine, and machinery applications. Rated at approximately 13A. Supplied as a male/female pair.

- Weatherproof
- Shakeproof
- Integrated latch

4 pin Deutsch Connctor set (Standard Crimp style)

SKU: pp-2149
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