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Red Line Oil #60103 Fuel Additive, Fuel Injector Cleaner, SI-1, 15 oz., Each.  R31-60103   Description: Red Line's fuel injector cleaner is a concentrated package of the most powerful high-temperature detergents available, to clean gasoline fuel injectors and intake valves. It can clean injectors to nearly 100 percent efficiency in one treatment. The cleansing effect of these detergents can raise fuel economy approximately 12 percent or more, depending on the condition of the injectors. Red Line fuel injector cleaner also contains a synthetic upper cylinder lubricant, which will help clean and lubricate intake valves, pollution control valves, combustion chambers and carburetors, and will

protect the fuel system from rust.


*Cleans injectors, carburetors, valve and combustion chamber deposits with a concentrated blend of the most powerful high-temp and low-temp detergents available

*Cleans to nearly 100% efficiency in one treatment

*Reduces need for octane by up to two points*Contains synthetic upper cylinder lubricant*Cleans pollution control valves

*Use one bottle per tank for most effective treatment of neglected vehicle

*Also use in smaller doses for maintenance as one bottle treats up to 100 gallons

*Safe for continual use

*Same chemistry is also available in 4oz dosage as Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Motorcycles

RED LINE SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner 15 oz

SKU: 60103
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