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These 1300 Padla Trak sand tires may be the all-around most popular sand tyre manufactured by Sand Tires Unlimited. These tyres are appropriate for off-road vehicles weighing up to 500 kg. with horsepower between 80 and 300. In the buggy class, this sand tyre holds several US national competition records. The manufacturer, Sand Tires Unlimited or STU for short, recommends the 1300 Padla Trak sand tires for use on 10 to 15 inch wheels with a diameter of 15 inches.

Product Details:
  • 15 inch width
  • Rugged 4 ply nylon cord construction
  • 30 inch height mounted on a 15" wide wheel at 5 psi
  • Tyre crowns for better compression
  •  (competition grooved) 

Sand Tires Unlimited 1300 Padla Trak (each)

SKU: 1300Pad Tyre
Out of Stock
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